How To Buy Online

Posted on May 22, 2008


Ebay, Dell, Best Buy and Future Shop are just some of the many places that you can buy online. But in this article I am going to tell you some things that you might not know about these online shopping sites. 

1. Beware of scams and hackers. Many of you will know that ebay got hacked in late 2007. Because of this, many people have had money “taken” away from them. If you are buying valuable objects, you should always buy from a trusted seller (With a high rating) and make sure that there are accurate descriptions and photos of the objects on the page. Also, see what other customers have had to say about the seller. Sometimes sellers will disclose information like damage to the object, etc. So, you should always be careful. Also, if you feel like something has happened, you should contact: Paypal (If you paid through them), Your postal company, The Better Business Bureau ( or the Federal Trade Commission ( If none of these work, then you can always write me at (I am always ready to answer a question ) 🙂

2. Save your receipt! This one is a must. If you get a defective product or a product that you simply do not want anymore you will need this receipt to be able to send the product back. However, if you did throw out or misplace your receipt, then you won’t totally be out of luck. If you bought the item with a credit card from Best Buy, then they may be able to trace the purchase back to you (I won’t guarantee it, though). 

3. Bid at the last second. With the free Auction Sentry program (, you or your wallet will never have to take the stress of bidding on ebay ever again. Why? Because with auction sentry you find a bid, then set your maximum amount of money to bid on the item and let the program do the rest. What it does is waits until the last seconds of an auction and then places a bid, and, It’s all automatic! You don’t have to touch a button! Of course, it is not free, but you can download a free 10 day trial and see what you like! I strongly recommend it for serious ebayers!

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