Laptop Tips

Posted on March 22, 2008


My next computer purchase is going to be a notebook. I love notebooks for thier portability because I travel a lot. So, here are my tips to keep your laptop happy.

  • Buy an extra battery. Nobody likes to be on a long flight doing important work when all of a sudden your battery cuts out. To prevent this, you should get an extra battery and have it with you wherever you go. However, most airplanes come with plugins so you should be okay even if you dont have an extra.
  • Get a case. You don’t want to destroy your hard drive and all your work just because you dropped your laptop. Also, a case allows you to carry your laptop around with ease.
  • Leave your battery out when plugged into AC power. This will prevent the dreaded memory effect where your battery wuill lose its charge quicker then normal if you leave your battery in when plugged into AC power. However, some laptops wont run unless you have a battery inside them. If this is the case, then you should leave your laptop on battery power until you run out of power then plug it in.

Hopefully my tips helped!

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