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Posted on March 18, 2008


I have a relatively healthy computer mainly because it is new, (I only bought it in November) but I also have an 8 year old machine that also has a clean bill of health. Of course, it still is not as reliable as my newer computer but it gets the job done and now serves as our home server. How did I keep my computer in this good condition? Here are some tips to help you keep your computer healthy and happy.

  • Reinstall and reformat your computer every year. A lot can happen to your system in a year. Viruses can take over, remnants from programs and files that you supposedly uninstalled or deleted can clutter your hard drive or something else crazy. A good idea is to back up your important data to an external hard drive and then scan it for viruses. Once you eliminate any viruses on the external drive (if any) you can safely start the process of reinstalling your operating system and formatting your hard drive.
  • Install good anti virus software on your computer to help protect it from nasty viruses that can compromise your RAM and ultimately result in a slow computer and/or crashing. Also, you should install multiple AV programs to ensure complete safety. This is because even the best Anti Virus programs don’t catch all the viruses that reside on the internet. So, the more AV programs you have, the better chances of snagging a rouge virus on your computer. Some programs that I recommend are:
    • AVG Antivirus Free Edition: This free piece of wonderful software that can be found on is truly remarkable. It effectively eliminates all viruses that it sees and even scans when your computer is idle so not to cut into your RAM usage while you are working.
    • AVAST: This is another free program that really knows its stuff. Recommended by Remy from Remy’s Computer Know How, this is defiantly a good pick for anybody.
    • McAfee Total Protection 2008: A great program from leading Anti Virus developers at McAfee that protects your computer from Viruses, Spyware, hackers, Spam, Email Scams, Online Fraud, Offensive Content and Computer Clutter. A great (But not free) addition to your lineup of security products.
  • Clean your computer case often. It may not seem important, but the many particles of dust that get trapped in your computer case can heat up your computer and therefore cause it to be sluggish. You should open up your computer case once about every 6 months and clean it out with a small vacuum cleaner or just blow on it. Trust me, you will notice some changes once you do this.
  • If you are concerned about speed and not about power bills then you might want to try leaving your computer on all the time. Your computer stores temporary files that will help programs open faster but are deleted once the system is shut down. Leaving your computer on for long periods of time will cause programs to have quicker startup time.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your faster computer!

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