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Posted on March 15, 2008


Chad i have to admit this was your best video,you put aside silly thoughts about looks and stuff and told the facts,you expressed your opinion without having a touch of bias(as chris has) and this video truly has the power to affect weather some will get vista or not,hurra we need more vids like this.


Thunderbird and Firefox are awesome. They’re easy to transfer to a new computer as well. When I got my iMac, I installed Thunderbird and Firefox on it and I copied the profile folders over from my old computer. That way, all my settings and such were copied over and it just continued from where the other machine left off. I was glad because I have a lot of message filters and all my e-mail is sorted in to different folders. It would’ve been a pain to set all of that up again.


Any piece of software or Operating System is going to have problems at first. It’s always a good idea to wait until they come out with the x.1 or x.2 version before jumping on board. When Leopard came out, there are people who have had horrible problems when they tried to install it. Some computers wouldn’t boot anymore, etc.


the 100 MB limit can be solved with WMM compressing the file size. You can also upload more than 1 video with more than 1 tab open.


I’m using 1680 x 1050 on a 20′ and I find it’s a little too small for my taste. I would think that resolution on a 22″ must look much better. And yes, it’s HD. It’s actually better than HD so, if your DVD player software and your TV software support HD, you’ll be able to use it in HD.


Thanks to everyone who has posted a good comment on my videos! I appreciate it!

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