How To Create A Good Blog

Posted on February 26, 2008


I am a blogger. Are you a blogger? If you aren’t a blogger or if you need helpful advice on how to get your blog going then these tips are good for you.

Number One: Spelling and grammar are both must haves! You need to write proper English so that your blog is easy to understand. Remember, there is a great thing included in Firefox called SpellCheck. SpellCheck is your best friend if you don`t know how to spell a word.

Number Two: Don`t start fights! Even if you are stating an opinion, you should say it in a way that other people wouldn’t get upset. If you can`t do that then make sure that everyone knows that it is just an opinion.

Number Three: Don`t be afraid to tell other people. If you are well known on forums, myspace, facebook, youtube or any other social network then you should tell people about your blog. Then, if they find the blog to be good then they will tell others, and so on.

Number Four: Be original!

Good luck with your blog! 

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