Remote Desktop

Posted on February 23, 2008


What Remote Desktop program do you use? Do you use Remote Desktop? Do you wonder what Remote Desktop is? Well, Remote Desktop programs allow you too access other computers as long as you are connected to the internet and as long as you know the right user name and password to that computer.  Why should you use remote desktop? Let’s say that you have a good program like Microsoft Office 2003 on one computer and you have Office 95 on another computer. You want to use Office 2003 but the computer is at work. Well, as long as you know the user name and password for that computer you can log in via RM and access the programs and files on that computer. You can also help people with their computers if they are far away. What RM program should you use? Well, there are many good RM Programs out there such as GoToMyPC, LogMeIn and the programs that come with XP and Vista…

Ok, now that I have told you about the good features I will tell you some of the bad things that can happen with RM. RM can be used for hacking if you get your hands on the correct user name and password or if you give out your user name and password to hers to beware!

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