Should You Jump Aboard The Mac Train?

Posted on February 18, 2008


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Are you one of the millions of windows users? Do you want a mac but don’t have the money? Are you wondering why you should switch to a mac? Well, if you are any of the above then keep reading!
So, you want a mac but don’t have the thousands of dollars that you would need to buy a Macbook, iMac or Mac Pro? Well then, I have a solution! The Mac Mini! The mini is a powerful, small mac that only costs about $600 Canadian and about $550 American. The idea of the mac mini is that you can BYODKM or Bring Your Own Display Keyboard and Mouse. If you don’t want to buy a separate Keyboard, Monitor or Mouse then you can do what Vince does. He uses a KVM switch called the Belkin Flip . A KVM switch allows you to switch your Keyboard Monitor and Mouse between different computers with the touch of a button! What if you don’t have enough money to get even the Mac Mini? You can use ebay! Here are some things you can search for on ebay: iMac g3, iMac g4, iMac g5, Powerbook g3, Powerbook g4, ibook, macbook.
Why should I switch to a mac? That is a question that thousands of PC users have asked themselves. Well, one of the first reasons to jump aboard the mac train is that the mac is a lot more compatible with hardware than windows (especially vista) is. Another reason to use the mac is that the macs have many great features embedded into their operating systems like Quick Look, which allows you to look at a file without actually opening it.
This helps because you don’t have to fire up PowerPoint to see what presentation it is. This is something that I have to do often… Another feature included in OSX Leopard is stacks. Stacks allow you to drag multiple files into your Dock and have them all in one icon. When you click on the icon, all the files in the stack fan out, allowing you to save space in your dock. Another great feature included in Tiger and Leopard is Widgets. Widgets are small applications that run on your desktop that allow you to do things like see the weather, use a dictionary, browse the Yellow Pages and more! Widgets are a really great feature of OSX Tiger and Leopard. Another great thing is the software that is included in OSX Leopard like Time Machine. Time Machine lets you to hook up an extra hard drive and schedule backups of your files. Then you can browse through the files that have been backed up in a cool 3D interface. Another great pre-installed program is iMovie. iMovie is a great video editing program for home videos. There is also another program included in OSX called iTunes. iTunes is a great music player that can run on Windows and Mac. So if you have windows then install it today! What!? More pre-installed programs? Yup! The next program is called GarageBand. GarageBand lets you make cool music! Okay, now that we are done looking at the OS

and the software we can look at what kind of mac you should buy. Because we already covered the Mac Mini we will talk about the MacBook. The macbook is good for basic users for a low price. It comes with a nice iSight camera. The macbook pro is a enhanced version of the macbook for advanced users and a higher price. The macbook air is a slim notebook for traveling people for a very high price. The iMac is for basic or advanced users and a medium price. The Mac Pro is the best… For an extreme price.
Also, something that I forgot to mention earlier is that Windows can only handle about 3GB of RAM but the mac can handle up to more than 32GB of RAM. So thats something that you should think about when you are trying to make the big decision.
Enjoy your Mac!

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