Introducing the Macbook Air!

Posted on January 19, 2008


Recently Apple announced that thier new masterpiece, the Macbook Air, would now be availble at the Apple Store.
So,  what’s so new about the Macbook Air? Well, for starters it comes with Apple’s new OS called Leopard.
Secondly, the Air is very lightweight (Hence the name).
One of the really cool features of the Air is it’s trackpad. Just like the iPhone and the iPod Touch, you can use the oversized trackpad to zoom in on text, flip through a photo album, adjust an image and so much more.
Another feature that Is included in many PC’s (Including my own) has now come to the Mac. What is it? It is a little case that conceals all that you will ever need. (USB 2.0 port, a headphone jack, and a micro-DVI port that supports DVI, VGA, composite, and S-video output. Even the MagSafe power connection). This feature really adds to the slimness factor of the Air.

The efficient LCD backlit screen is also a great feature of the new Macbook. It is composed of Murcury which means less power usage, which means longer battery life.

Yes, the Macbook Air has all these great features and more! Starting at $1,899.00 CDN.

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